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Are u providing curb side delivery e.g., Mon., May 18?

Morning Karin, sorry no we do not deliver. Thank you,. Ivana P

Do they deliver?

Hello Angela, no we do not deliver. Thank you for your inquiry.

Can you bring your own alcohol?


Is this restaurant suitable for a group of 12-15 people?

Yes but make a reservation so they can rearrange the tables for you.

Is my place open on Mondays?

Yes, I believe 4:30-7:00

good place for kids??

It can be a little cozy. If your kids need space, it may be a bit confining. That said, the chairs could easily accommodate a booster, and depending on your child(ren) a meal could be split. My 10 yr old loves it there, we used to split the platter, now she orders her own meal and takes the leftovers home.

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